We aim for a positive transformation of the ageing experience through mindset and societal change. The Foundation undertakes innovations in service, training, education, research and collaboration, as well as advocacy for that purpose.

What We Do

Services & Programmes

The Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing (HMCSA) is a pioneering 'first-stop, one-stop’ provider of primary health and psycho-social care for adults aged 40 years and above.

Training & Education

The Hua Mei Training Academy (HMTA) is the only dedicated provider of training in community-based eldercare in Singapore.

Research & Collaboration

The International Longevity Centre Singapore (ILC-Singapore) implements ground-breaking community development programmes, and high impact research and collaborations.




Tsao Foundation 20th Anniversary Video (4.41’)

Catch a glimpse of how the Tsao Foundation has been contributing to the transformation of the ageing experience since its inception in 1993. Produced in November 2013, this short video portrays our dedication to the older persons we serve, and the innovation, practice excellence and constructive change that distinguish our efforts.


What’s new at Tsao

The World Health Organisation estimates that one person in the world is diagnosed with dementia every 4 seconds, so Singapore, too, needs to take note. Hence we invited Ms Jane Verity, CEO of Dementia Care Australia and Founder of the Spark of Life, which is a person-centred methodology for persons with dementia. They have thrived emotionally and socially, in unexpected and lasting ways, with this humanistic and gentle approach.

During her visit, Ms Verity conducted a Spark of Life Certified Practitioner Course for nearly 40 staff from the Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing (HMCSA), one of whom is already a certified ‘Master Practitioner’. This training adds to the expertise at the Centre, which in the last 21 years, has provided person-centred care for many with dementia among the community-dwelling elders it serves. A dedicated dementia-care programme served by an interdisciplinary team has just been launched.

Ms Verity also headlined HMCSA's Symposium, "Person-Centred Dementia Care" on 9 April, where the Alzheimer's Disease Association, Singapore, were special guests.


In Focus

Introducing 'ComSA' - the Community for Successful Ageing

Working with the City for All Ages (CFAA) in Whampoa, the Foundation is planning to embark on a new collective project, named 'ComSA' (Community for Successful Ageing).

What is distinctive about this groundbreaking and ambitious programme is its whole community approach to creating systems that enable successful ageing and ageing in place. The Foundation is seeking to collaborate with Whampoa's citizens, grassroot leaders, agencies, service providers and local businesses to make that dream a reality.

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The inaugural Tsao Ng Yu Shun Lecture (video)

The Inaugural Tsao Ng Yu Shun Lecture was a provocative lecture by the distinguished Prof Ursula Staudinger, where she uses the latest research findings to challenge the myth that an ageing population necessarily means economic decline. Watch her talk, "Demographic Change and Growth - A Paradox?' here. For copyright reasons, please do not download the video for any reason.