We aim for a positive transformation of the ageing experience through mindset and societal change. The Foundation undertakes innovations in service, training, education, research and collaboration, as well as advocacy for that purpose.

What We Do

Services & Programmes

The Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing (HMCSA) is a pioneering 'first-stop, one-stop’ provider of primary health and psycho-social care for adults aged 40 years and above.

Training & Education

The Hua Mei Training Academy (HMTA) is the only dedicated provider of training in community-based eldercare in Singapore.

Research & Collaboration

The International Longevity Centre Singapore (ILC-Singapore) implements ground-breaking community development programmes, and high impact research and collaborations.

Community for Successful Ageing

ComSA is a community-wide approach to forge an integrated system of comprehensive programmes and services with the aim to promote health and wellbeing over the life course, and to enable ageing in place.




What’s new at Tsao

Sharing Wellness and Initiative Group (SWING)
The Community Development team of ComSA@Whampoa has been providing trainings in Self-Care on Health of Older Persons in Singapore (project SCOPE) to participants from nine Resident’s Committee within Whampoa. Three groups of these participants have progressed on to SWING programme after completion of their SCOPE programme – they have gone through the eight sessions of SWING meetings and have converged into one combined meeting group to further streamline their Plans of Actions for Whampoa.

More on SWING




In Focus

ComSA helps to transform lives in Whampoa
Tsao Foundation launched Community for Successful Ageing (ComSA) Whampoa Centre back in 2012. It was a community-wide approach introduced to forge an integrated system of comprehensive programmes and services with the aim to promote health and well-being over the life course, and to enable ageing in place. We documented two of the many successful cases we closed over the four years of service in Whampoa.


WOW! Wise, Old and Wonderful

104-year-old doctor shares his secrets on longevity

Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, who recently turned 104, is one of the world's longest-serving physicians and educators. Find out about his 'magic formula' for a joyful, healthy and long life.

In a running lane of her own
Ida Keeling is an amazing centurion who proved that one should not be limited by age – not even in sports. She held several track-and-field records since she began racing in her late 60s, and she still clocked the fastest time – 29.86 seconds – for American women ages 95 to 99 in the 60-meter dash. She plans to compete in a 100-meter event at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia in 2016, where she hopes to establish a new standard for women over 100 years old.

Ageism is so last century
To prove that one can be stylish at any age, a luxury London store employs a 100 year-old model in its advertisement in Vogue, the iconic fashion magazine.



Empowering Women for Life 96sec (video)
In Singapore, more than 40% of women are not in paid jobs. And even if they are, family life and caregiving make it difficult for them to build a career and to set aside money for themselves. There is a real need for them to know how to better manage their finances. The mission of Tsao Foundation is to improve the well being of older persons and to enable opportunities in longevity. In 2008, we launch the Citi-Tsao Foundation Financial Education Programme for Mature Women. By end 2015, it has empowered more than 6,000 women in Singapore and the programme is being rolled out to reach more women in 105 community clubs island-wide.